Xplain was founded in 1984 originally to publish a technical magazine. Today, the company offers live events and a magazine under the MacTech brand, and  strategic planning, event management and turnkey custom services for others. The corporation is privately held and has its main office in Westlake Village, California … near Los Angeles. Since inception, Xplain has grown to become a leader in event services, custom publishing, and the Apple market.

Custom Services

Xplain’s Custom Services is here to provide a variety of services to other companies. This division performs two primary functions:

All of our Custom Services are completely turnkey — our standard answer is “no problem” … we provide solutions that just make your problems go away.

Take a moment to visit the description pages for each of the above. If you would like more information on Custom Services or have a project you would like to submit for a quote, contact us at services@xplain.com or call 805-494-9797 and ask for information our custom services..


DealCards are plastic discount cards that provide organizations a unique way to fundraise, and give value at the same time. Cardholders save hundreds of dollars with each card, while supporting their local businesses and your group.

Live events are great ways for organizations to fundraise, and with Xplain’s event management capabilities, you can create a unique experience in a variety of ways — including providing education at the events.

MacTech Brands

Since 1984, MacTech has been their to help the community learn about technical topics and share solutions.  Today, the MacTech brand is across live events, publication and web technologies.

MacTech Conference is our flagship, three-day event for Enterprise, IT Pros, consultants and techs who support others using Apple technologies.  This multi-track event is well known for it’s top to bottom integration.  For nearly a decade, the tagline of “The content. The people. The experience.” holds true for every event since 2010.

MacTech Pro is our regional, one-day event series for IT Pros and consultants supporting SMB, and others using Apple technologies.

MacTech® Magazine, the journal of Macintosh technology, has been the definitive technical resource for the Macintosh since 1984 in over 60 countries. In addition to web, networking and content coverage, MacTech brings you columns and articles on new Macintosh technology, programming tools and tricks, Macintosh hardware, and systems. Read detailed how to’s, in depth reviews, conference reports, introductions to technologies, viewpoints on the platform, the software, and the technology that makes Macintosh something special.

MacTech Labs For over 30 years… MacTech Magazine has set the standard for real-world analysis in the technical Apple community. For public prodcuts, MacTech Labs is well known for deep, real world, definitive analysis of products such as virtualization, productivity applications, hard drive speeds, and web technologies.

MacTech Domains is for those, both Mac, Linux and PC, interested in registering domain names at the lowest cost. Domain names, email hosting, web hosting, SSL Certificates and more.

Tech Minded Brands

Dating back to before 2000 with long distance, our team has been helping clients get the best deals on a variety of utilities including telecom, Internet connections, and more:

Tech Minded Resources helps clients connect with hundreds of suppliers.

Tech Minded Resources helps consultants connect build their client-based services by adding services to their mix.

And it’s not only about securing products and services. Technology Minded Events helps non-technology C-level executives and business owners understand technology without jargon.