Turnkey … makes your life simple

Xplain’s turnkey production services include a full range of dynamic, customized publishing solutions for large and small events, businesses and associations, in any industry or profession.

Customized … just for your needs

Every client has unique requirements to which we respond in an individual way. We get to know you, your event, and how we can best serve you. Our editorial and production teams are experienced in working with clients, whatever their range of knowledge and experience.

Full capabilities

Xplain Corporation’s creative capabilities cover the entire spectrum of design, graphics and advertisement creation. In short, we take content in raw form (e.g., Microsoft Word or text files, pictures etc.) and ship out the final publication. We can provide a variety of editorial related services, including that we can edit your material for grammar, spelling and content to ensure a professional publication results from your input.

The best pricing in the industry!

We will create for you a simple to understand, flexible pricing structure for your show guide, addendum, other printed matter or web pages, on time and on budget. It’s quite simple, you ship us raw info, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Contact us — today!

If you would like more information or have a project you would like to submit for a quote, contact us or call 877-7-XPLAIN, 805-494-9797.